SSI Network

Sigma Sustainability Institute (SSI) has an ever expanding network of key strategic partners that work together to exponentially increase the value addition for our clients .


Eutech Cybernetic is a global software solutions provider specializing in the design, development and implementation of next generation Smart Cities and Smart Workplace solutions. Headquartered in Singapore, Eutech works through a global network of partners across Asia, Australia, Europe, USA and the Middle East.


SSI uses iVivaCloud which is Eutech’s flagship software platform for designing and implementing Smart Cities and Smart Workplace solutions. SSI has deployed iVivaCloud solutions successfully in a variety of sectors including Smart Cities, Healthcare, Airports, Educational, Convention Centres and Retail.  


As a result of the strategic partnership with Sigma XL, Sigma Sustainability Institute is able to offer aspiring belts more flexibility when carrying out statistical analysis for their improvement projects




Through its strategic partnership QI Macros, Sigma Sustainability institute is able to offer QI Macros statistical software at a discounted rate to its Lean Six Sigma trainees.Being an excel based software, this partnership will provide aspiring belts more flexibility when carrying out statistical analysis





Through its strategic partnership with BMGI (Breakthrough Management Group International), individuals who follow the SSI Lean Six Sigma programme would automatically be eligible to directly take the BMGI Lean Six Sigma exam and acquire dual certification, both from SSI and BMGI.


"I learn't the real essence of Lean Six Sigma."


"It is very fascinating how the trainer kept the interest of the trainees at the same high level throughout the 20 day long programme. Excellent training and the dedication & knowledge of the trainer is highly appreciated"