Smart Buildings and Cities

The Real Estate Value Chain has many redundant systems and processes, and suffers from layers of costs and inefficiencies. This presents a significant opportunity, particularly where a large complex of buildings and infrastructure is built and/or managed by a single Master Developer/Operator. Typically, this could be a portfolio of buildings, a campus, an industrial park, mixed development or a city.

The SSI Smart Buildings and Cities model provides a unified, systems-driven approach. The model is underpinned by an integrated methodology, and standards derived from Lean Six Sigma and LEED among others and the concept of a centrally managed Management System.

The real-estate operational processes involves a complex mixture of assets, spaces, people and policies, necessitating Operational Intelligence to draw attention only when and where needed whilst the rest of the systems run smoothly. Re-engineering these processes based on changing parameters and participants forms the core of the SSI model of integrating performance, sustainability and intelligence and extracting enormous capital and operational savings through improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Key benefits of the professional services towards mall management by SSI's professional network include:

Provide an integrated approach to lifecycle asset management across the portfolio of buildings.
Enable more efficient and effective management of infrastructure and services while reducing the on-going cost of operations and maintenance (OPEX) by eliminating operational inefficiencies.
Reduce cost and improve performance by integrating building and facility management services
Reduce energy cost through the predictive use of system controls and operating procedures.
Support revenue generation by enabling billable, value-added services as well as increasing tenant retention and loyalty by enhancing service levels.
Mitigate risk by pro-actively managing key processes in areas such as life-safety, security, business continuity and crisis management.
Support and differentiate the organization's brand by driving quality and service management.

As shown in the Figure below, the intelligent operations approach starts with the comprehensive and customized modelling of the workplace metadata and business processes. Once developed, processes can be run using a real-time process management platform - and then continuously improved.

At the core of SSI's Sustainability Framework is the objective of creating an intelligent and sustainable ecosystem model. Unlike traditional building and facility management models, which operate in separate silos, the ecosystem model brings building operations, maintenance and energy management into a unified predictive close-looped and tightly integrated process, that leverages Operational Intelligence to make every component and active participant of the business.


SSI's Management Framework and Methodology</p

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