Retail solutions with respect to cost reduction, productivity improvement, performance optimization and customer experience enhancement have also been undertaken by SSI.

Areas of work include the following:

Integrated Mall Security and Surveillance

Mall Crisis Management Centres

Leasing and Tenant Management

A retail outfit or a mall is a complex combination of assets management, facility maintenance, tenant management, leasing and leasing related activities such as move management, renting and agreement management and sales and payment reminders. SSI specialises in synchronization of all these retail related operations into an intelligent network to result in a seamlessly running retail entity.

Concierge Services

A concierge service framework integrates disparate processes of a retail mall into one intelligent source of service to radically improve customer loyalty, visiting and shopping experience, information distribution and thereby increasing sales. An intelligent concierge operation will be constantly aware of the retail information of every entity within the mall that will aid in location, promotional information and sale advertisements. Strengthening and branding retail image and launching new product and schemes in the most effective and visible manner is also part of intelligent concierge operations.

Integrated Information Management

Retail channels that can be used to display and broadcast information involves signage, way finding, directory & portal services, and wireless connectivity for mobile devices. A flexible, versatile and intelligent information system will adapt and enhance information display and broadcast based on the need of the hour. This is specifically useful for visitors, events and advertising.

Intelligent integration of the information system with the concierge information and retail specific information is what will make a truly intelligent retailing experience for not only a customer but also for mall owners, tenants, employees, salespersons and stores.

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