Healthcare, which comprises facilities, buildings and workplaces as well, are also increasingly incorporating an integrated smart workplace approach. This domain of workplaces is especially critical in terms of systems and equipment as well as processes. Poor information and process flow and partitioning of workflows into silos and can lead to redundancy, delay and complexity as well as costs, crises and risks which in turn will lead to impacting core outcomes such as patient care and resource management.

The increasing need for hospital wide management and the existence of an integrated and intelligent set of processes has increased manifold due to the rising expectations from medicine, healthcare and medical professionals. Expectations in the form of performance, accuracy and hospitality are also critically important to establish a trustworthy impression in the minds of the people.

SSI has been at the forefront of innovation in the development of an integrated model for the healthcare industry. The following are key strategic objectives:

Integrate and align the Hospital Building and Facility Management systems and processes to improve the quality of Patient Care.
Support the delivery of value added services to patients, doctors, nurses, technicians, operations staff and visitors.
Provide real time "decision quality" information
Optimize the Hospital assets and resources
Centralize Hospital Facility Management information
Monitor, enforce & enhance organizational performance and processes.
Enable performance & sustainability tracking and benchmarking.
Enable a model of continuous process improvement

Improving Infection Control in Hospitals

SSI has been collaborating with the University of New South Wales Medical School to development methodologies and systems to better leverage and manage the hospital infrastructure towards improved infection control, which is of particular importance given the increasing concern about superbugs and pandemics.

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