SSI provides consulting and advisory services to government and private corporations across a range of disciplines and sectors including real estate, building and facility management, workplace management, manufacturing, retail and logistics.

SSI consultants follow a distinctive engagement strategy based on its field-proven Management Framework and Methodology (Sigma MFM). The Sigma MFM is a systems driven approach that integrates sustainability, performance and service management in the design, development and operation of an organisation's business processes.

To enable organisations adapt to external change, the Sigma MFM incorporates continuous innovation and learning. Typically, as part of a consulting engagement, SSI consultants seek to transfer this change management capacity to customer stakeholders.

The Sigma MFM can be broadly applied to any industry or service sector. In order to meet the varied and individual needs of its clients, SSI works with specialist partners through its SSI Network.

Recent SSI engagements include:

Design of the integrated services model for a "Smart City" in Saudi Arabia.
Design of a City Management solution for a city in the Middle East.
Design and implementation of integrated workplace management processes for an Australian multinational mining and resources company in Melbourne, Australia.
Risk assessment for a major multinational company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Development of a sustainability and performance dashboard for a multinational company in Singapore.
Definition and validation of the operational model for a national airport in the GCC.
Sustainability and energy audit for a major retail mall in Dubai.
Energy audit for a private hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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"I learn't the real essence of Lean Six Sigma."


"It is very fascinating how the trainer kept the interest of the trainees at the same high level throughout the 20 day long programme. Excellent training and the dedication & knowledge of the trainer is highly appreciated"