Management Framework and Methodology
SSI Management Framework and Methodology (MFM)

The SSI MFM comprises the following key elements, which enable the design and implementation of intelligently integrated solutions: 

Meta Data and Business Process Modelling
Operational Intelligence through Real-Time Business Process Management
Continuous Learning, Improvement & Innovation
Metrics and Standards (Lean Six Sigma )
Financial Modelling
Cloud-Based Central Management
Ecosystem Development

Enabling Change Through Continuous Learning, Improvement and Innovation

"When the rate of change on the outside is greater than the rate of change on the inside, the end is near".
Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric

Over the next few decades, the fundamental forces that will shape external change include globalisation, technology innovation, resource depletion, ageing, and information digitisation. These forces will effect changes in:

Customer behaviour

The ever increasing rate of change in the external environment has the capacity to profoundly impact an organization and its operations and processes. A truly sustainable organization will have a set of operations in place that can intelligently predict and adapt to external change in a proactively enabling manner.

The SSI Management Framework Methodology enables proactive and continuous change leveraging Operational Intelligence as the key driver of performance management. Intelligently predicting the future can never be done based on information obtained from current situations. This recognition has triggered the SSI Management Framework Methodology to adopt an iterative process that enmeshes continuous learning, continuous improvement and continuous innovation.

Deliverables and Benefits

SSI's customer engagements start with the end in mind: by defining tangible and verifiable results. The following are some key deliverables and benefits:

Enable the seamless management of the physical, virtual and mobile work environment and associated business processes.
Integrate and align building/facility infrastructure to workplace processes
Provide real time "decision quality" information
Optimize real estate/facility assets and resources
Monitor and enhance organizational performance
Centralize facility information
Enforce and streamline organizational processes
Enable a model of continuous process improvement
Benchmark asset /process - performance & sustainability
Train staff and management in enabling skills and methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma and Business Process Management/Re-engineering
News &

"I learn't the real essence of Lean Six Sigma."


"It is very fascinating how the trainer kept the interest of the trainees at the same high level throughout the 20 day long programme. Excellent training and the dedication & knowledge of the trainer is highly appreciated"