Organizational Sustainability Powered by Operational Intelligence

Organizational sustainability is the strategy and practice of effective management of an organization’s core business processes and their associated assets in order to infuse Operational Intelligence into everyday business critical operations in a way that will maximize output and optimize time, energy and resources.

Contrary to popular belief, sustainability and profitability are not inversely interrelated unless applied in a traditional retrofitted methodology. A pro-active and intelligent systems driven approach adopted right from the onset of a program or process design, is known to lead towards transformative profitability and productivity improvement.

This is no different to Toyota's experience when it developed its Kaizan, Kanban, Just-in-time methods of production. Quality was a spin-off of doing it right the first time and then every time. However, enhanced performance and profitability were also important benefits.

Varied factors contributing towards an organization’s sustainability have the common consequence of adversely affecting the safe and profitable operations of an organization if not managed properly. Needless to say, adversely affected operations have the capability of crippling and bringing about large disadvantages to an organization and its interests.

Risk, corporate governance, health & safety, physical and IT security, crisis management, business continuity, maintenance, power and energy, as well as resource management are all the factors that can not only affect organizational sustainability but are also critically tied in with quality, feasibility and effectiveness of all organizational operations. In the near future, the ability to mitigate the effects of climatic change will become increasingly important as well.

An intelligent operation is one that will use knowledge gained from the past, apply it in the best possible way in the present and be prepared for any consequence for the foreseeable future. A continuously monitored and evolving process that can “learn” as it runs is what forms the basis of an organization built on intelligent and sustainable operations. Bringing about real time decision support based on situational awareness using learned information is the primary goal of an operationally intelligent process.


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